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Baby Fever.

Honestly. Is there anything in the world better then a cuddle with a fresh bebe?

It's hands down the best part of my job as a doula. The silky soft little baby cheeks and that intoxicating baby smell! Ah!

Someone please just make a candle of that already!

I don't know about you guys but for me it's the gateway drug to full blown BABY FEVER overdose!

It's strange though. I didn't want more babies going into that cuddle, but it ended with the sudden onset of an achy womb!

What the heck!?

I did some digging on the subject and did you know that some women have that innate reaction to babies because their genetics want them to be super reproduces!? And others just don't have it at all! It's a real thing!

Like seriously, if my genes want me to have a hundred babies then why am I not doing it!?

AND men can have baby fever too! It actually gets stronger for men after they have a baby of their own, while it tapers off a bit for women once they carry the load of parenthood for a while. Go figure. 🤔🤪 Makes sense to me!

Sorry dads. Ya gotta be able to take a dig here and there!

Luckily for me, since my baby birthing days are decidedly behind me, I chose a career where I get to spend the rest of my life cuddling other people's babies and lovingly basking in the triggered memories of my own or what could have been.

But I wonder... what will happen to me when I hold my first grand-baby someday!? I can't even imagine the messy mix of emotions that will be! That's a ways off for me, but it's fun to think about ❤️

A little self-induced baby fever never hurt nobody! 😉

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