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Birthwork is Activism

This week's disgusting display of hate demonstrated on Capital Hill has affected us all. The fight isn't over.

Being a Canadian Doula, it sometimes feels like we are removed from "that" situation, but we are not. That stat up there is from the USA, but we must assume that it applies to us here as well. We can no longer accept that we are different. We are not.

Birthwork is political.

Birthwork is activism.

Birthwork is advocacy.

Birthwork needs real statistics.

Doulas take note.

Race-based birth statistics in Canada are seriously LACKING. Just about non-existent actually. We have started to collect the data but we don't even analyze it!? Like WTF!?

Are we scared to see the truth? I'm not. I want the truth. Slap us in the face with it. Please.

The only way we can create change is to continue to acknowledge our privileges and not hide in the shadows of the data or lack thereof.

Systemic racism lives here too, so we must assume that it would be in the birth process as well.

This must change. But how?

#blm #birthworkisactivism #doulasforchange #canadadoula #nsdoula #SeaSisterDoula #birthstats #whereareyou #buthow #change

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