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Last Baby.

When you're pregnant with your third baby everyone tells you that you are an "old pro." You'll be fine.

Not so much.

They expect that the process will be easy for you because you have experience. You've seen the unknowns. You know what to expect when you're expecting. But what I have come to learn through my own motherhood, and as a doula, is that every baby is different and a brand new mother is also born at every birth.

And that mom needs support too ❤️

Below is a poem I wrote after I had my third baby seven years ago. I can now understand and reflect on just how much of a mess I was. I definitely suffered postpartum depression and didn't even connect the dots. I expected to be fine, but I wasn't. And I wonder how different it would have been if I had had the support of a Postpartum Doula 🤔


Last baby.

New and fresh and bright.

You have your daddy's bright red hair

But what about my olive skin?

My guess is you'll stay fair.

Last baby.

Just like your sisters before you,

I wonder "did I do it right?"

Did I give you enough of myself today?

To make you sleep tonight?

Last baby.

I think I'll just be honest.

I think I know all the things.

To get us through this stage.

And see what the next one brings.

Last baby.

I hope I am enough for you.

You deserve all there is in life.

But what if I can't find enough

To spread out far and wide?

Last baby.

Back and forth in this chair

We rock to the song of moonlight.

Let's just stay here forever

And forget the last few nights.

Last baby.

The mom I was before you,

She's gone without a trace.

The only thing I know for sure

Is every curve of your precious little face.

Last baby.

You have changed me.

For the better, I must assume.

Your sisters take up a lot of space.

But for you, my heart will always make room.

For you are the littlest sister.

The third.

The last.

The babe.

And I am the "old pro"

The seasoned vet!

Who doesn't know a thing.

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