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Pandemic Babies

Can you tell that these two beautiful little sisters were born during a pandemic? Not a chance! Luckily, their Doula, Auntie Katie (me!) was allowed to be there to for their birthday party! Some other doulas haven't been so lucky though.

This past year has been a challenge for all those becoming pregnant and planning their births. There are so many unknowns to consider when health guidelines seem to be changing by the minute.

Some hospitals allow no support people to attend births and some allow a partner and a doula! It all seems to depend on your location and waves of Covid impacting your area.

The good news is luckily, many doulas have adapted their services by providing virtual support for pregnant people and their families. And the feedback has been amazing! We are proving that we don't need to be in the room to offer you all the support you need to have the best possible birthing experience.

Support isn't just about the physical touch and comfort from a doula. It's emotional and informational and we can hold space for you even if we are fifty miles down the road or sitting in the hospital parking lot on facetime.

Doulas are an exceptional resource for your partner as well! We can teach them all the special "doula tricks" for labour during prenatal visits, so they feel confident in their ability to support you during labour and birth ❤️

If you're pregnant or hoping to be in 2021, get in touch if you'd like to chat about how I can support you virtually.


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