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This post from @tutu_mora hit me square in the feels this morning!

We don't get to choose the things we learn as a child, but we do have the power to change them as a grown-up!

"It's ok if you don't want to. You get to say no."

"You are never too much"

"Take all the time you need"

"How does your body feel about that"

Each of these is exactly what I empower my clients to live by from the moment we start working together.

YOUR feelings and body and birth belong to YOU.

YOU get to decide what medical interventions make you feel comfortable and YOU can take as much time as you need to make those important decisions.

YOU get to say no if you want to.

A fellow Doula posted that her client's OB/GYN performed a membrane "sweep" at 38 weeks without the client's consent. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

Your initial thought might be "Isn't everyone feeling DONE being pregnant at 38 weeks and wishing they'd get offered a sweep!?"

Well, that's just it. Offered. Not performed without consent. And some pregnant people AREN'T feeling done being pregnant at 38 weeks.

Maybe it's their last baby or the only baby they will ever have because they can't afford more IVF treatments and it already took them ten years to get pregnant.

Maybe they don't want to rush it along because they want it to be as natural as it can be.

Maybe being pregnant is the first positive attention they have ever received from their partner and they are holding on to every last bit of it.

Maybe they are anxious and would have appreciated some time to prepare for such an invasive (and sometimes painful) appointment.

Maybe it doesn't frigging matter what the reason is!!! They just want to be able to make a decision for their OWN BODY!

You deserve better and I will stand behind you to make sure you get better.


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