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Virtual Support Services


Labour Support

I will give the same professional guidance as being there in person, but virtually I will place an even higher emphasis on empowering your partner to "hold you up". In pandemic times, their arms will do the best job. I will be present via telephone or zoom to use words to provide emotional support, comfort, and empower you through your labour and birth. 

This package can be individualized based on your personal needs. 

  • 2 virtual prenatal sessions (approximately 2 hours each) via Google Meet or Zoom.

  • Access to in-depth information and private lending library. 

  • Full prenatal talk and text support, including video check-ins as needed.

  • On-call support for your birth - text, phone, and virtual video check-ins as needed, through your entire birth.

  • 1 hour postpartum virtual check in.

  • Full talk and text support for 1 month postpartum.

FEE: Sliding Scale $400-800

Talk & Text


Surfing the internet for evidence-based, unbiased information can be so daunting when you are pregnant and looking for answers. This Talk & Text Package is a way to get your hands on the information that you need to make good decisions about your pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. 

Benefits of the Talk & Text Membership:

  1. You don't have to be in my service area to have me on your support team. 

  2. No more searching through Google for answers. I do all the work to filter and streamline the information you receive to ensure it is relevant and evidence-based. 

  3. You get the reassurance and support that you need to make important decisions. 

This package includes:

  • One hour virtual consultation to get to know each other and discuss any topics that you may need guidance with immediately. 

  • Unlimited talk & text support 7 days a week between 8 am-8 pm. Anything sent outside of these hours will be addressed at 8 am the following morning. (In the case of an emergency, I recommend calling 911 or your local hospital for guidance.)

  • Access to my private lending library and resources. 

  • As long as you keep your monthly membership you will have access to me. From as early as the first month of pregnancy to well into the postpartum period. 

Fee: $75 per month.

To be paid via Interac e-transfer on the 15th of every month. 

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