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What exactly does a


A doula is a professional childbirth coach who provides unbiased and unwavering support to a woman in the prenatal, birth, and postpartum periods. 

While we do not provide healthcare, we are extraordinarily knowledgeable about childbirth and the postpartum period. 

Not so technically speaking, we are kind of like your "birth-bestie" and we've got your back throughout the labour and delivery, and work with your partner to ensure that you have the amazing birth experience that you deserve! 

We also help you to navigate through all the information from medical professionals so you can make decisions about your care before the baby arrives. 

We'll even come home with you to make sure that you are all set to bond with your baby right away. We can help with feeding, diapering, setting up organization systems, light meal prep, and light housework as well! 

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Things a Doula isn't:

(the lighter side)

a medical professional

a partner replacement

 a babysitter

 a housecleaner

 a bully

 a "hippie" that chants and sacrifices a lamb at your birth



Having a doulas support decreases your

chances of having a Caesarian birth

by 38%

Frequently Asked Questions

(about doulas)

Does a doula replace MY husband in the delivery room? Because I still want him to be a part of the experience! 

NEVER. A doula would never replace anyone! A doula is an ADDITION to your birth team and supports your husband (or wife) so that they can support you better! Two is ALWAYS better than one!

Can I afford a doula? I thought they were a luxury for the wealthy!

Ummm... definitely not! Our goal at Sea Sister Doula Co, is to help as many people as possible, no matter their financial situation. We use a sliding scale rate, and if someone feels strongly about wanting to use our services, but can't afford them, we will create a plan for them to get the support they need at an afforable rate and pay schedule. Support like this should NOT be a luxury that a woman can not afford. EVER. 

What are the not so obvious benefits of having a Doula?

Research has shown that when a birth doula is present, labour tends to be shorter and with fewer complications. Women who use doulas report having more positive feelings about their childbirth experience.  Doula assisted births have a reduced need for Pitocin to induce labour or any other delivery assistance, such as forceps or vacuum. There is also a reduction in the request for pain medications, epidurals and cesareans when a birth doula is used.

Do you still need a doula if you are planning to have an epidural?

Of course! There is still a lot of work to do before its time for an epidural. AND has an anesthesiologist ever been right there when you need one? No. A doula doesn't leave your side and will be supporting you through the entire process. 

When can you start!?

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